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{ Jennifer + Steven} Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Jennifer and Steven were married at the beautiful Dragon Ridge Country Club on a perfect day in October. Here is just a sneak peek at some

{Crissy & Mike, Part III} Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

The exquisitely sparkling finale to the wedding of Mike and Crissy (pun intended). Now that our happy couple

{Crissy & Mike, Part II} Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

Picking up where we left off in the previous post, after Crissy and Mike finished up getting

{Crissy & Mike, Part I} Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

I find it sooo refreshing and exhilarating being in the company of two young lovers that have decided to make the

Hayley & Bryan {Cincinnati Wedding Videographers}

Hayley & Bryan’s wedding was shot my husband’s wedding videography company, Lighten Films. Venue & Vendor

Kymbre & Mitchell {Cincinnati Wedding Videographers}

Kymbre & Mitchell’s wedding was shot by our sister company, Lighten Films, in Las Vegas, NV. Since branching out to the

{Morgan + Shelby, Part I } Laguna Hills Destination Wedding Photographer at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club

Ahhhhhh! Can I just scream out how much I love Morgan and Shelby?! They are from Orange County and were looking for a Las Vegas engagement

Annalyssa & Zane {Cincinnati Wedding Videographers}

Annalyssa and Zane’s wedding was shot by my husband’s company, Lighten Films. Annalyssa + Zane \\ Coming Attraction from

{Greg & Cara} Las Vegas Destination Wedding Photographer at The Neon Museum

Visiting all the way from Broome Australia, I have the pleasure of presenting the new Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, Greg and Cara. Making this

{Max and Julie} Cincinnati Backyard Wedding Photographer

I am delighted to present the new Mr. and Mrs. Fetaz! Max and Julie were first referred to me by a past client, Jenifer! I just LOVE when

{Max & Julie Sneak Peak} Cincinnati Backyard Wedding Photographer

Here’s a few shots from Max and Julie’s wedding day. Max and Julie were so much fun, I ended up taking way too many pictures to

{James & Lindsey} Las Vegas Destination Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Lindsey and James!!! Our neighbors to the north decided a fast paced, exciting wedding was more their style, so they